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Because of holidays there is no shipping between 23th July till 14th August!

  Shou Sugi Ban Veneers

+ colored MDF Boards with a lot different colors online 

Exotic wood shop:
Olivetree, Ziricote, Lacewood, Ebony Macassar, Oak fumed,  Oak + walnut flamed, Walnut, Curly Maple, Red Cedar, Satin walnut, Yewtree burly,  Chestnut, Larch rustic, Bubinga + Pommele, Purpleheart, Makassar, Ebene, Ebano, Tigerwood, , ...

Veneershop: SaRaiFo veneers, burl veneers as Oak, Lacewood, vavona burr, Poplar burl, Bamboo, Oak fumed, Purpleheart, Quilted Maple tonewood, Curly walnut, Oviletree, Padouk wild, Cocobolo, Grenadillo, Paldao, Imbuya, Purpleheart, Macassar, indian Apple Tineo, Mapa burl, Yewtree, Tepa,  rosewood, Imbuya burl, ...


Neue Artikel


Quilted Maple board tonewood 75x33,5cm 48/50mm

instead 272,84 EUR
only 243,69 EUR
you save 11 % / 29,15 EUR

( 16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs )
1 x 'Quilted Maple board tonewood 75x33,5cm 48/50mm' orderDetails

Walnut burl board slab turning 69x45cm 65/67mm T784

instead 194,86 EUR
only 165,62 EUR
you save 15 % / 29,24 EUR

( 16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs )
1 x 'Walnut burl board slab turning 69x45cm 65/67mm T784' orderDetails

Walnut burl veneer pyramide H 110x24/26cm 24B

instead 185,11 EUR
only 136,46 EUR
you save 26 % / 48,65 EUR

( 16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs )
1 x 'Walnut burl veneer pyramide H 110x24/26cm 24B' orderDetails